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Social Media Management has fast become a crucial aspect of marketing for any business that wants to make an impression in the digital world. Not only is it an accessible and fast way to connect with current and future customers, it is an effective and affordable way to create brand awareness and track word of mouth recommendations.

Social media management can be broken down simply into the following tasks and services;


Before I start posting, we will discuss choosing the best social media platforms for your brand, the image you want to portray to your followers, your goals and how to make your posts reach the most people


Keeping an active social media profile encourages conversation between you and your consumers. I will help to make this happen by creating a daily post schedule that aims for positive discussion amongst customers.


Searching for the right content to post can be difficult, I will find interesting and relevant content to post regularly in order to keep your target audience's attention and to attract new followers.


So how will you know your return on investment? I will provide you with a weekly analysis of progress. Remember that in social media, value cannot always be calculated in dollars and cents. Non-financial outcomes like follower growth, engagement, online reviews, can lead to higher profits later on.


I'd love to discuss how I can help you with your social media strategy

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