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5 unique florists for your Byron Bay wedding

Planning a wedding in the Byron Bay and Gold Coast region can be overwhelming because there are just SO many amazing vendors to choose from. That's why I've carefully hand picked five of my absolute favourite florists for you to choose from.

1. Flowers by Julia Rose

images sourced from Julia Rose website,

WHAT: Julia Rose is a highly experienced floral artist who not only creates amazing bouquets, installations and arrangements for weddings, but also floral gowns and sculptures for fashion campaigns and the runway. She lives on her own flower farm with her partner, dog and pet birds. In addition to all this, Julia creates her own natural essential oil products as well as teaching floristry at Gold Coast Tafe...sheesh!

WHY: Just take a look at her website, it kinda left me speechless. This lady clearly has talent and a passion for what she does. You'll see what I mean...

2. Bower Botanicals

images by Cassandra Ladru, Joey Willis & Bower Botanicals

WHAT: Mother daughter team of Kelley Mills-Annett and Jaala Mills; Floral stylists creating incredible vintage toned bouquets, arrangements and installations for weddings. A mixture of dried and fresh flowers often sustainably foraged from nature.

WHY: You just can't go past a mother/daughter business, especially when they're as creative as these two. Bower Botanicals creations struck me as really having a unique look found nowhere else.

Enquiries at @bowerbotanicals

3. Big Leaf Boutique

images sourced from Big Leaf Boutique website

WHAT: Creative and unique, often oversized floral installations using rare foliage and flora grown at Jonny and Jo's very own farm "Valley of the Giants".

WHY: These installations are gasp-worthy and will make amazing backdrops for your wedding photos, not to mention they are great for covering up anything bland or unsightly. Why not stand out from the crowd?

4. Gather

images sourced from Gather Australia official website

WHAT: Gather is one of my personal FAVOURITE stores in Currumbin. Not only do they sell these amazing dried flowers arrangements, but you can buy individual bunches of different styles and create your own. They also sell gorgeous homewares, pottery and living pot plants. Plus they're nestled in next to my favourite cafe Dust Temple...

WHY: You could pick up your flowers weeks before the big day and it wouldn't matter because they're made to last! Tasteful arrangements of dried wildflowers that will be the perfect keepsake from your wedding day, A beautiful memory to hang in your home and remind you of your sweet love.

5. The Posy Collective

photos supplied by Sara-Jayne Prince Photography, Pineapple Images & The Posy Collective

WHAT: The Posy Collective are a Tweed Valley florist owned by the lovely Kylie. She fell into floristry at the same time as she entered motherhood, which I find just so beautiful. Kylie is inspired by her love for contemporary art, texture, unstructured floral design and simplicity.

WHY: Whether bright and fun, or classic and romantic, The Posy Collective's arrangements have a certain nostalgic beauty to them. Kylie is such a pleasant human to deal with and she is intent on creating your dream piece.

Bookings & enquiries at


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