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Unique portraiture tailored to capture your unique self

"...I genuinely have never felt more okay in my body and it triggered a whole series of empowering events that I haven’t even comprehended yet. You make people feel good in their skin. And that is a gift. You have a way of drawing a raw and real beauty out of things I didn’t even know existed and I don’t know how to put that into words..."

-Amy Gillan, Fleurieu Peninsula

JENNA LR21.jpg


Whether you want to capture a beautiful memory of a special time in your life, a special person in your life, or showcase yourself as the incredible human you are, I am here for you.

Are you nervous about being in front of a camera? 

That's totally OK.

Realistically, most of us are.

Your photosession with me will feel more like you are just hanging out with a new friend.



If you are interested in creating some magic with me, please shoot me an email with lots of detail about your ideas and plans...

I can't wait to hear from you!


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